Bart Lunenburg



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Bart Lunenburg (Utrecht, 1995)

(+31) 6 21 600 530


Works and lives in The Netherlands



Picture by Chaïm Dijkstra

Bart Lunenburg works in a variety of media: photographic series, sculpture, video work, scale model, drawing and performance, that often come together into one installation. The installation is the ideal form because it can function as a playground for dialogue between different kinds of objects and media.


He finds the ideologies with which architectural spaces around us are designed highly fascinating; for example: the modernist idea that daylight and space are primarily conditions for human well-being and happiness. Windows, walls and façades are a recurring motive in his work. Although you won’t directly find people in his work, their absence emphasizes the human-like aspect of these spaces and structures.

In his practice over the past few years, Bart has focused on the function and role of ‘the window’ in our daily environment and as a motive in the history of art and architecture. He finds these everyday forms enormously interesting because they are in their familiarity quite simple, but also very complex: the window functions as a transition between the inner space and the outside world, between the private and the public, ourselves and the other, between three-dimensional space and flat surface.


In his most recent, and still ongoing, project A Building’s Memory, Bart is researching the memory of houses and cities, and the way that architecture is being build-up and how it eventually will wear off again. Thereby looking at how one place can have several memories, of all the different houses and buildings that once stood there.


Not only am he tries to investigate this fluidity of a building and processes of transition in cities, but also he is exploring the boundaries of architecture, sculpture, photography and video, by working at the intersection of these different media. In this multidisciplinary research of A Building’s Memory, scale models are fulfilling a central role. Building scale models is a way to literally get a grip on urban space around us, building’s that yet have to be realized, but also as a way to bring

back building’s from the past.