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Bart Lunenburg

Het Venster in de Kunst

The Rediscovery of Ondiep

Doorzon, 2017


Doorzon is a project on how we relate to our daily environment. In this project I am researching the meaning and role of the window in architecture, visual arts and photography, using my direct surroundings as a starting point. Observations in my neighbourhood form the basis for scale models and interventions.


The window functions as a transition between the inner space and the outside world, between the private and the public, ourselves and the other, between three-dimensional space and flat surface. Thereby it shapes and defines the way we perceive the world around us. Basically, the window breaks up the walls we have built around us, in order to protect ourselves from the outside world. These wall openings bring light into the spaces we inhabit. In the same time they also bring the outside world inside, and place our inside world in the the public sphere. Besides the direct role the window plays in our daily lives, it also carries a symbolism in itself about our perception of the world.


In Doorzon the flatness of photography and video overlap with the spatiality of scale model and sculpture. By combining different types of media, I seek to create a new perception of the way we look at the spaces we think we already know. I also try to question the way the window forms the basis of our perception of the world.

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